History of Crikvenica

Tourism in Crikvenica coast is developing from the 1890s ...

Bronze Age swords, spears, axes and jewelry were found in several places in the area of Crikvenica. In areas that are not affected by urbanization often encountered in prehistoric tombs, tumulus. It is located a range of prehistoric settlements from the Bronze and early Iron Age, which were encircled by a stone wall, situated mainly on the tops of the hills that surround our city.

Ad Turres was one of the key places on the Roman road from Italy to Dalmatia. This station included a military garrison, which secured the travel route between the coast and the neighboring valley, Vallis vinearieae, Vinodola. For a while, here is an important local workshops with furnaces for the production of artefacts from clay. During a long peaceful period, without wars, wealthy Romans built their villas and commercial buildings in a well -protected marine bays, as evidenced by archaeological remains in Selce and Jadranovo in Lokvišća bay. History of coastal villages that made the city of Crikvenica, Selce, Dramalj and the Adriatic Sea, associated with the concurrent development of the neighboring fertile valley Vinodol and its fortified medieval towns Drivenik, Grižane and Bribir.